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We have long standing relationships with a mix of freight forwarders and couriers, all of whom have strengths in different areas and specialise in dealing with specific countries in Africa. This means that we have the facility to employ the fastest and most efficient method to get your consignment to you, whether it be air or sea freight. Air freight delivery times range between 2-3 days to land in country, or using our fastest courier service for very urgent items, we can deliver door to door within 24 hours of leaving the UK.

For heavier consignments, we will maximise our packing to ensure that the most efficient and cost effective method of transport is used, giving you the best possible price on carriage.

Delivery to any airport is achievable and we email to you copies of all paperwork required for Custom's clearance ensuring that your consignment reaches you swiftly and seamlessly.

We have NEVER had a consignment that did not get to its destination satisfactorily.